September is commonly a manically busy time in the corporate calendar – but with those long days and late nights can come some really satisfying work.

For my part, the work my learners and I have been doing in a range of sessions over the last few months has been receiving really good feedback – and great results!

“Your sessions were amazing!  In particular, I liked how we all supported each other to think the best of ourselves and it made a real difference to our performance on the day. Honestly, I was a bit nervous to begin with, but the techniques you taught us worked a treat. I found that I was able to look at the audience, smile and pace myself, it made such a difference!”

In my line of work there’s little as satisfying as hearing that a nervous speaker has become more confident on stage thanks to some techniques you taught them.

The truth is that good presentation techniques are needed in absolutely every sector – so helping anyone meet the demands of today’s workplace is a great feeling.

What really matters is how the person doing the speaking feels.

Feel good, and you tend to speak well, too. This is actually a great way of improving your confidence in general. Speaking in public is about inspiring emotion in others – the best speakers reach our hearts as well as our minds, and that’s what I focus on in my workshops.

Take one of my September clients. They are a major retailer looking to secure their future by recruiting the very best graduates into the business. Every presentation they make involves building rapport with potential candidates – and generating excitement about the opportunity before them .

Another workshop was delivered for a global association that needs to talk to heads of industry at international conventions. In this context, listening and rapport-building skills are critical.

Corporate communication is nerve wracking.  At the convention, English could well not be the native language of many of the delegates – and so clarity is key. The new graduates, meanwhile, with their thumbs always hovering over the “share” button on their social networks, could broadcast every mistake you make. Even an experienced presenter can feel apprehensive in situations like this.

The good news is that it’s never too late to learn new techniques. Enhancing and expanding your toolkit at any time in your career is a good idea. Like football teams, speakers have strength in depth. From mindset to presentation skills, I teach in my workshops how to listen – and how to persuade others to listen back. I show learners how to build rapport even with hostile audiences, and how to interpret rooms to better understand how you’re doing – and change tactics where necessary.

That’s why feedback like this really matters – because it reminds me not only that what I do works in the seminar room … but that it makes a difference at the speaker’s podium, too. Thanks to all the speakers I worked with in September – you were great, and keep up the good work!




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