About Tina
Public Speaking Trainer

I'm Passionate

about high quality communication, verbal, visual and non verbal

I Believe

that the right message well presented will be remembered and acted on

I Know

that you never stop learning

I add value to your business by showing you how to create a great first impression when you talk business.

I have been in the industry for over 20 years and have a wide portfolio of market leading, brand aware clients. I have held main board positions and owned and sold my own successful production company.

The value of good verbal communication skills cannot be underestimated; it’s all about engagement and motivating an audience to take positive action as a result of hearing the message. I have been a trainer for literally thousands of people from CEOs to shop floor workers, showing them how to look good and sound great on stage and screen.

In today’s highly competitive world communication skills are essential for boosting your career and promoting your business. In fact I would go as far as to say that bad communication skills are a career-limiting factor.

When I mention that I am a public speaking trainer, most people instantly think about  a stage, lights and an expectant audience judging them. However, 99% of your communication is done when speaking to just 1 person or a small group. Knowing what to say and how to put it across at a networking event will get you more customers than hundreds of emails. People buy people not businesses.

When you use video to get your message across you instantly have a disadvantage. It is more difficult to build rapport with an audience from a small screen. Knowing what to do with your body and your eyes as well as what words to use is a distinct advantage in getting your message across. Of course my work involves preparing speakers for major events, but it is also about helping individuals come over well in pitches, interviews, on video and in cocktail party conversations.

I truly love improving verbal communication skills, whether it is training a person to overcome stage fright, directing video or writing speeches and running through presentation techniques. However, my life is not all about work and I also appreciate the great outdoors, walking, riding, keeping fit; and subscribe to the principle of work hard, play hard, live, love, laugh.

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Tina's simply a true professional with a wealth of experience in the communication industry

Andrew Whitney
Managing Director, Hot Knife Digital Media

Flexible, sharp, bright and a track record in getting at the message quickly

Nick Terry
Joint Managing Director, Top Banana

Incredible attention to detail and an impressive capacity to interpret a clients' needs perfectly

Adrienne Lawler
Freelance Presenter/Broadcaster

Her proactive and creative approach to a brief is clear from the start

Adam Cliff
Creative Director, Make it Media

Tina really is a a pleasure to work with

Noel Kavanagh

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