Isn’t it a great feeling when you see a member of the audience nodding at you when you speak?

It’s normally somebody quite near the front, and could easily be someone that you know.

You look at them and they nod and smile so, you look at them again they nod, before you know it you are looking at them every few seconds….. and you are busy congratulating yourself on how well your presentation is going.

STOP  you’re allowing yourself to be distracted by the “Nodding Dog” syndrome.  The person who is nodding and smiling probably is really enjoying your presentation and is, quite rightly, giving you the encouragement you need.  The  problem is not with them, it is with you.  All the time that you are looking at them, you’re not looking at the rest of the audience.

The golden rule is, if you are not looking at your audience they will not think that you are talking to them, and they’ll switch off.  They don’t have to look at you they can still be listening and really enjoying what you are saying without giving you any eye contact at all, but you need to look at them.

Make sure you spread your eye contact right around the room, and the bigger the audience, the more widespread your eye contact needs to be.

If you would like to learn more about how to really engage an audience, shouldn’t we be talking?

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