I’ve just completed a two-day event featuring 43 speakers and over 6,500 delegates, and wanted to share some thoughts on what it takes for them to create that amount of energy on stage.

The event was the Utility Warehouse 20 20 Vision conference, and the order of the day was to ensure that attendees went away feeling inspired and committed. There were thousands of people in attendance, and the speakers needed to bring them all together in a shared vision of the future they could achieve with the company.

Big events are always exciting, you’ll see from the video that the speakers are getting fantastic responses from the crowd – really engaging the audience and ensuring they go home feeling fired up and energised.

The engagement  also comes from the sheer variety of speakers. Variety is at it’s most powerful when it  features individuals that all members of the audience can identify with. You’ll see from the footage that each  speaker has enough passion in their content to appeal to many individuals simultaneously.

Inspiring an audience is always about the power of your delivery. Every speaker at this event gave their all on-stage. Even in the video, their passion comes through. They have  positive body language and lots of smiles, they have varied pitch, rhythm and an accessible tone, – with these tools, they really get their  point across.

When it comes to delivery, it’s best to think about the mechanics too. All the speakers in the video had an autocue to fall back on, but they didn’t rely on it. You’ll also notice that they deliver their messages to the camera at the back of the arena so that they go straight down the lens – this helps very person in the audience believe that the messages are just for them.

I am so proud of everyone who took up the challenge to speak on that big stage, they all approached their role seriously and with real commitment. It was an absolute pleasure to work with each of them – and fantastic to see how well their messages were received.

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