Expert Tips from Tina Blake

Light Up Your Virtual Presentations

Have you recently been on a call where the other person is sat with a window behind them and all you see is a silhouette? Or have you seen someone with the opposite problem: the window is behind their screen, and all you can see is a bright glow where the person...

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Virtual Everything

I am currently on lockdown in France, where things are a bit stricter than in the UK. You can only leave your house for 1 of 4 reasons, and you have to have a signed, dated and timed piece of paper with you which states where you live and why you are outside. Luckily,...

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How To Make Your Message Clear

Speakers – and speaker trainers – rightly focus on the “tricks of the trade”. Breathing, body language, voice. All these things matter, and are critical to speaking success. They can all be grouped together as “how” skills, though – and just as important in any...

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