Expert Tips from Tina Blake

The Twelve Tips of Speaking

It’s nearly Christmas,so I’m in the festive spirit! So for this holiday period I thought I’d take inspiration from one of my favourite Christmas songs – and give you twelve tips of speaking in a single post! Use them all, or take a selection, and see how a speech is...

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How to Keep it Simple when Speaking

We all know that, to keep an audience’s attention, we need to throw everything at them. Right? Wrong. It’s an easy mistake to make, but in fact what will bring you success as a speaker is keeping it simple. Say less, but make it stick more. Don’t move so much, but do...

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In The Classroom: Schools and Speaking

I try to avoid hobby horses. Not only are the real kind best reserved for small children … the figurative kind are almost always really boring to everyone else. We all have a friend with a pet subject – and we might often fondly wish they’d talk about it less! The...

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Find Your Voice: Vocal Coaching 101

When you are new  to public speaking you often think about the act of standing on stage and delivering your  presentation, you often focus on the visual aids or your own nerves, on your body language or on your audience. The truth is, though, that the most important...

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