wiifmPut yourself in your audience’s shoes and think WIIFM

  • Understand that a good presentation is not about you – the audience is only interested in What’s In It For Them   WIIFM

Find out who your audience are and what they want to know

  • They will only love you if you give them information they feel is relevant

Think of ways to get everyone involved

  • There is nothing so motivating as feeling that you’re really needed for something important

What you are going to say?

  • You don’t speak in PowerPoint so don’t start planning your content with it. Words come first illustrations come second

Structure, Structure, Structure

  • You are in control of your content make sure the audience remembers what you want them to

Eliminate WWW  – Words of Waffle

  • Prepare short sharp messages of high value or no one will listen

Don’t be a Distraction 

Prepare what you are going to wear, eliminate distractions, no loud clothes no bling unless that is what you want the audience to concentrate on

Build rapport before you go on stage

  • Make sure you take time to meet your audience before you address them from the stage. Schmooze them in a coffee break it’s all about building rapport.

Listen is an Anagram of Silent

  • What’s the hot topic in the room? Can you include it?

Enjoy yourself

  • From the moment you agree to speak, every time you have contact with anyone who will be in that audience, be positive, be happy, be the sort of person they will want to hear from

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