We don’t buy from strangers unless we absolutely have to….. even when you buy a loaf of bread you tend to go for a brand you know.

So the first rule of building rapport on video is …………. don’t sell, … instead concentrate on building a relationship with your audience.

Just like in a face to face situation,  eye contact is the number 1 way to build rapport with a video audience

It’s not going to happen if you’re  looking down like this reading notes, that just makes you look disinterested and it’s not going to happen if you are constantly looking away from the camera to one side or another, that makes you look uncertain.

Often people look down, or away because they are checking notes.  If you need notes, you are much better to have them in shot like this and glance at them occasionally just like you would on stage.

The best thing to do is to look directly at the lens and use your facial expressions and your tone of voice to get your message across.

If you would like to know more about presenting on video, shouldn’t we be talking?

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