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Pharmaceutical Sector


Rated content as outstanding


Stated their improvement exceeded expectations


Would recommend Tina

Retail & Distribution Sector


Rated the course content 5/5


Stated they had new ideas for internal meetings


Would recommend a presentation course with Tina

Financial Sector


Rated course enjoyment 5/5


Felt more confident about on screen performance


Would work with Tina again

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What my clients say

“What Tina offers goes far beyond just teaching the nuts and bolts of public speaking”

What Tina offers goes far beyond just teaching the nuts and bolts of public speaking.

She combines super-sharp intuition with unrivalled media experience to bring out the real meaning behind what you want to say, and will then coach, encourage and cajole you until you get the content and delivery perfect.

I’ve had the privilege of two different experiences with Tina.

Firstly, I took part in a company-wide training initiative called ‘Present Well – Earn More’ which focused on how to run successful internal meetings. My own excellent training aside, I remember watching her train a two-man presentation team from one of our sister companies. She was able to delve into the dynamics of their relationship, their presentation styles and the balance of power and influence between them, then help them to formulate a whole new presentation dynamic. Watching the transformation from two nervous, self- conscious men to a two-man presenting dynamo was fascinating and gave a real insight into the value Tina brings to her training sessions.

My next experience with Tina was one-on- one as she trained a team of senior personnel to each deliver a piece to camera for our corporate video. Like any senior management team, ours is composed of a variety of personalities, with not one professional public speaker amongst us. Tina worked so hard to polish our performances and was there during all the filming – coaching and encouraging some very nervous people.

Oh, and don’t be fooled by Tina’s ladylike exterior – she’ll do what it takes to get exactly what she wants from you. Which will be hands down the best performance of your life!

Inga Morris-Blincoe, Commercial Manager

Logistics Conference

The conference deadline was tight and many of our speakers had requested presentation skills coaching.  Tina has the ability to write scripts on the fly and give sensitive and personalised coaching. The speakers, without exception, were impressed by her creativity, her clear and direct coaching manner and her tenacity to get the job done.

Basil Locke, Logistics Quality Manager

Delivering messages at an MLM event is always exciting, there needs to be a good mix of content that will help the distributors build their businesses, and excitement that will motivate them over the next few months. It is often the first time that distributors have seen the main board in person, and so first impressions need to be good.

Public speaking used to push me right out of my comfort zone, however, in just a couple of sessions Tina helped me to actually enjoy myself on stage and, more importantly, showed me how to really get my message across.

Thank you for making a huge contribution to my performance, and that of my colleagues.  We all felt that you added a vast amount to our performances on the day!

Andrew Lindsay, Chief Executive Officer

Conference Content Management

Tina is very confident around senior stakeholders and able to ‘talk their language to get under the skin’ of a brand and identify what their content requirements are in relation to their business objectives.
She is also very methodical, yet versatile, and will adapt her style dependent upon her audience and the level of support they require. Tina is also incredibly resilient and will always get the job done to the highest standard whilst also being commercially viable as she is able to provide a unique 3-in-1 streamlined service to include strategic content management, scriptwriting and performance coaching, which is definitely a great bonus!

Laura Taylor, Group Account Director

Scriptwriting Course

I was extremely pleased with the structure of the course, the content and especially Tina’s delivery. It was an enjoyable and informative day, We will be looking at ways to improve what we do and how we do it as a result.

Tina used examples of her work to demonstrate different script writing styles including writing for a voice over, presenter, corporate drama and creating supporting literature.

Martyn Price, Group Health and Safety Director Crest Nicholson plc

 Make or Break Your Business in 30 Seconds

The workshop was very appropriate for any business owner.  The delegates came from different business backgrounds and had different attitudes and ability levels.  Tina pitched the training to cope with the differentiation across the group so that each business owner took something away with them. Feedback from delegates proves that what she delivered in 45 minutes was extremely appropriate and beneficial to her audience.

Angela Fitch, Development Manager for the FSB in Shropshire Herefordshire & Worcestershire

Presentation Training and Much More

During my 10 years at Kleeneze plc we grew from £20m per annum to £100m per annum and our franchisee numbers from 6000 to 15,500 Very quickly we realised that Tina’s input into our conferences was more than just event and speaker coordination, it had real impact on our trading performance and her strategic content management was directly affecting our trading performance. Franchisee attendance at our conferences grew from 1500 in the UK to over 10,000! Their involvement and resultant actions from our conference trainings went straight to our bottom line. We then also used Tina for our plc updates in the City – with similar positive shareholder responses. She became our “communications expert” in so many ways – and we valued her strategic input most highly.

Kim Rawson, Deputy Managing Director of Kleeneze

On Camera Coaching

The deadline was extremely tight for our first project and Tina ensured that no corners were cut on the programme. Several of my team commented on her ability to talk to people of all levels and I was pleased that everyone who contributed looked natural on camera.

Claire Mascall, Director of Corporate Relations Anglian Water

On Camera Presentation Skills

Tina listened intently to our wishes whilst adding bucket loads of creative flair and imagination.  As a result we trusted Tina implicitly to deliver a quality outcome.  We weren’t disappointed and would wholeheartedly recommend to others.

Maxine Sharman, Head of Community Engagement Midcounties Co-operative

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