I found this Cheat Sheet when I was looking for a Keynote Speaker on the London Speaker Bureau site. there’s a couple of bits I don’t agree with  e.g. “memorise opening and closing only”  – that sounds a little dangerous if you have a key quote or fact that you need to get word perfect somewhere in the middle,  but i still thought it was worth sharing.

Look out for the Acronyms:

REAL – Relevant Eloquent Articulate Learned – Relevance must be  your number 1 priority when planning your presentation.  Always think, What’s in it for the Audience?  It is not and never will be about YOU.

WWW – Wordage Without Waffle – You’re going to hear me using that in the future.

KISS  – Keep It Simple Stupid – a slightly overused acronym, but Relevant.    I think I prefer,  Keep It Short & Simple  or sometimes Keep It Short & Sweet.  Whichever version you find easier to remember the message is still the same.  Make sure your audience stay with you and enjoy themselves.

Some of the best stuff is at the end of the sheet, scroll down as far as, Top Tips from the Pros, and take on board what Sofie Sandell says plus,  James Bannerman gives a brilliant explanation about using notes on stage.

I hope you enjoy this little speaker training guide.


Public Speaking Made Simple

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