When you get anxious your adrenal glands go into overdrive. These small walnut sized glands are good guys really, in normal circumstances they give you your get up and go, and in a dangerous situation, they pump enough get up and go into you to enable you to run away, or fight for your life.

However, this is not very helpful when you need to move slowly around on a stage and even worse when you need to stand still in front of a video camera.

So let me give you a quick fix to get rid of some of that adrenaline.

Take a deep sharp breath in and tense everything in your body, your arms your hands your toes, your legs, everything including your teeth and then slowly breathe out as you release the tension.

Tensing and releasing your muscles will use up some of that pent up adrenaline and put you back in control.

The causes and symptoms of stage fright are different for every person so if you would like to know more, in confidence, shouldn’t we be talking?

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