“One Team, One Dream” was the theme that brought over six thousand people together recently at the Utility Warehouse Express Day event, staged over two days in Telford.  The theme and the content of the day celebrated success, togetherness and the importance of partnership going forward.

Delegates learned  about the future of the company, heard inspirational team-building tips and broke a Guinness World Record with the creation of a dream wall.

The dream wall, where each person wrote their dream on a “brick”, and a musical team-building exercise involving over six thousand “Boomwhackers”, were at the heart of the key message:  One Team One Dream.

This event is typical of the work that I undertake for my corporate clients.  It involves my core skills of script writing, presentation coaching and content management. Creating a great event needs more than just good presenters – it has to engage the audience on many levels, and often an energiser or a team-building exercise is the link that makes a real difference.

Another key component is to ensure there is lots of variety.  We had twenty-five speakers each day, many talking from the audience as well as from the stage.  To unite that number of people, there needs to a strong, consistent thread to tie everything together and maintain a through-line for the audience.

For several weeks prior to the event, I focused on helping speakers develop their content and perfect their individual delivery style.  The great thing about playing to individual strengths is that the audience gets to see real people in action  rather than a less-than-confident person on stage with their “presenter’s” hat on.  This ensures that the endlessly varied members of the audience itself will all experience at least one style that fits theirs. Some audience members will respond to energy, others to thoughtfulness; some to humour and some to serious and heartfelt messages.

During each day, there were four company speakers, four TEDTalk-style “keynotes” from partners within the network, several on stage contributions from Partners and nine speakers who gave a short testimonial from the audience, all held together by three on-stage hosts.

The key to getting everyone engaged was to make each individual speech motivational. Network marketing is all about supporting each other to do better, so ensuring that each presentation was inspirational was important: when you have over three thousand people in the audience on each day there needs to be energy in the room! Motivational speeches have their own demands and rhythms, and I was able to help each speaker think quite carefully about what those might be.

This, of course, is the benefit of involving a public speaking expert in big centrepiece events such as this one: a lot rides on a day like that, and so everyone onstage needs to be putting their best foot forward. I can help speakers do just that because I know the tools and techniques that work in each situation – no one relied on guesswork at that event, I can tell you!

Equally, the event was multi-cultural and varied, again meaning that diversity onstage mattered: getting exciting content delivered well, in a varied manner that also had a tight and clear central message, was a real challenge … and one that all the speakers rose to. They created a great couple of days and did brilliantly, getting their messages across.

I’d like to give a big thank you to everyone on stage who made the event such a success, and of course to everyone behind the scenes who worked so hard to make it all happen.

Take a look at the video and see what you think.

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