excellenceinpublicspeakingI don’t often write much about myself in this space, but today I want to share something with you.  It gives me great pleasure to confirm that the judging panel have found my company, Tell Me More, a worthy winner of the TMT Excellence Award in Public Speaking Training for the UK!

This is wonderful news, obviously. I love training public speakers, and I also really believe in its importance, for all sorts of reasons. To be recognised for your work is always nice in any walk of life, of course – but to be acknowledged for excellence in a field which you believe in and are passionate about is especially welcome.

In particular, the fact that TMT’s jury take into consideration such a wide range of factors – including peer recognition and online presence! – is really flattering and even a little gratifying. The award is given based on the work by TMT’s in-house research and judging team,  but the information they take into consideration is all about how a company is perceived by clients, peers and industry professionals.

Public speaking training is about enabling exactly these individuals and organisations to improve their communication. That they think I have done so is the best feedback I could hope for.

Here’s why: in today’s world, public speaking has never been more important. Whether a pitch or a presentation or a keynote, we are required again and again to communicate at work. And yet research shows that the majority of people fear speaking in public – and believe that their fears hold back their career (and, by extension, their organisation).

There’s no need for this. Public speaking is a skill at least as much as it is a talent – and that means it can be taught. In my job, I help public speakers understand the basic tools and techniques that can enhance their confidence and improve their communications.

I’ve seen this process have hugely positive impacts on individuals who, when they came to me, simply believed they could not speak well on stage. They were wrong, but they weren’t alone in that. Everyone experiences nerves or crises of confidence. I consider it my job to help.

Being given an award on the basis of how I help people to do all this, then, is a lovely moment for me, both personally and professionally. TMT’s 2017 Media Awards “explore and honour establishments of all sizes on an international level,” and it is indeed a real honour to be among the organisations thus recognised.

The best thing about the award, though, is that it’s a vote of confidence in my services from the sorts of business and professional whom I try to help, day in and day out. I believe in the power of public speaking training – it’s a very happy surprise to be told, in return, that my peers believe in me.

Thank you, TMT and all your voters! And thank you for reading – I promise to write about something other than myself next time.

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