How to Finish Strong

One of the worst mistakes you can make as a public speaker is talking for too long. It doesn’t matter if you are giving the audience relevant information that they can act on … If you talk for too long, your audience will become bored or agitated or both.

Say what you have to say, say it well and sit down.

It’s a fact that the last thing you say will have a big influence on how the audience think about you when they go home.

There’s no set rule for ending a speech, your could be motivational, challenging, or reflective, but however you chose to close, it must be a strong ending.

Never, ever end with something like…… well that’s about all I have to say so ummm thank you for listening.  An ending like that undoes all the good work you have achieved.  If you’ve created an impression that you’re knowledgeable and in control a weak and unrehearsed ending undoes that, it shows the audience that it was all an act and you weren’t really confident at all.

Always end with something that you have thought about and practiced, something that’s succinct and contains a call to action…. it could be:

  • a poignant story or quotation that makes the audience think
  • or a recap on your key points and a call for the audience to implement them

If you are an experienced speaker you may like to end with something humorous because the audience laughing and applauding as you go off stage gives both you and them a lovely feeling and when they next think of you it is likely to be in a favourable way.

If you would like help in writing a strong close, shouldn’t we be talking?





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