Overcome Stage Fright and Anxiety

Stage Fright (I call it Presenteritis)

Is Natural behaviour

It is your body’s response to your perception of danger

Affects both your mind and your body

The symptoms you feel are very real

Can be overcome

My Presenteritis Masterclass will show you how to overcome your stage fright and anxiety about public speaking in a few easy to follow steps that have permanent results.

Stage fright and anxiety about public speaking is all about Fear and F.E.A.R. is                                                                           False Evidence Appearing Real

I will show you how to connect your mind and body, your head and your heart, and overcome stage fright and anxiety about public speaking.

The method that I use is so simple that, once you learn it, you will wonder why you never thought of it before. It works on men, women, students, children, if you have stage fright, you can overcome stage fright.

Humans have suffered from stage fright and since we first learned to talk and today it is estimated that around 75% of us have some form of performance anxiety.  You don’t even need to be on the stage to get it, many people get performance anxiety at the thought of an impromptu chat in the elevator, attending a networking event, or starting a telephone conversation.


Shouldn’t we be talking?

How I help you

Confidential 1 on 1 sessions to explain why you get it and how to stop it

Every individual is different

So every Presenteritis session is slightly different however they all have two things in common – fun and success

Most people find that they can overcome their stage fright in just 2 sessions

Session 1

Duration approximately 3 hours


3 simple steps:

Understanding why stage fright affects you personally

Explaining and understanding the solution

Practice and implementation

Session 2

Duration approximately 1-3 hours


3 simple steps:

Review of progress


Video recording and review

Group sessions are also possible so, if you want to conquer Presenteritis

Shouldn’t we be talking?

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