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Challenge – To inform warehouse staff of the importance of filling each trailer with an appropriate amount of product on each journey. Some vehicles were leaving the depot half filled or less.

Every year Boots the Chemists trunked the equivalent of three Wembley stadiums full of fresh air all around the country. Even though a trailer may look be full of town trays, totes and roll cages, these may only have contained a few items making each journey expensive and not cost effective for the company.

Solution –A drama based “fun” programme with a hard-hitting message. Shot on location at Boots’ head office in Nottingham the video featured 2 “Spacebusters” Phil and Sissy ( actors Ronald Forfar and Emma Lee) travelling across the country in a hot air balloon, fast paced car sequences and the creation of a mad professor’s laboratory.

Spacebuster Phil told his audience

During an average of 200 trunking journeys a day in the UK, two thirds of the company’s trailer fleet is carrying nothing but sweet fresh air


The Spacebusters laid down a challenge to their audience to come up with good ideas to save space and Boots ran a competition and gave prizes for the best ideas.


Barrie Stainton General Manager for Central Operations says:

It’s no exaggeration describing UOD fill and vehicle utilisation as a BIG issue. Moving space costs money. We have already started making plans and implementing changes – including some of the good ideas from the competition launched with the video – to improve the situation. 

Boots Logistics were delighted with the cost savings as Basil Locke Logistics Quality Manager explains

Tina’s ideas for the video were really creative and we saved money on our trunking journeys almost immediately. All the warehouse team really enjoyed the programme and it gave a very serious message the publicity that it deserved in an entertaining and engaging way. 

The cost savings for Boots Logistics were instant and a sequel was commissioned to highlight successes and solve further logistics problems.


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