Fresh is a full service event management and communication agency offering a broad range of joined-up in-house services including creative, event production, design and print, digital, video and exhibition management. The management, creation and delivery of the content for all of these elements is absolutely essential to the success of the full service offering.

Laura Taylor Group Account Director explains:

Our client’s content management needs for their marcomms and live events are fairly broad and include copywriting for delegate materials, scriptwriting for video, scriptwriting for presenters, content production for presentation media, video production and performance coaching.

Each of our clients is unique and so we tailor a bespoke solution for each project – relying on our in-house expertise and specific industry/sector specialists whom we partner with as and when required.

Tina has worked with fresh as a Creative Content Producer for a number of retail clients to deliver a range of successful projects.

For live events, we will assign a specialist Creative Content Producer and Content Management Administrator who will work together to act as the lead contact for content management, have overall control of the content management plan, establish presenter styles and requirements, liaise with presenters/content owners to produce scripts, liaise with presenters/content owners to agree supporting presentation media, communicate the capability of presentation media, manage and deliver the off and on-site speaker rehearsal/training sessions, provide performance critique and presentation tips, produce the speaker briefing packs and convert the main conference script and slides into any necessary cascade plan.

I have personally worked with Tina for a number of years and find her a valuable asset to the content management team with her vast industry knowledge and expertise, particularly in the banking & finance and retail sectors.

Tina is very confident around senior stakeholders and able to ‘talk their language to get under the skin’ of a brand and identify what their content requirements are in relation to their business objectives.
She is also very methodical, yet versatile, and will adapt her style dependent upon her audience and the level of support they require. Tina is also incredibly resilient and will always get the job done to the highest standard whilst also being commercially viable as she is able to provide a unique 3-in-1 streamlined service to include strategic content management, scriptwriting and performance coaching, which is definitely a great bonus!

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