Morgan Sindall for Top Banana

Concept, writing and video direction for corporate drama

Morgan Sindall are a major UK construction and regeneration group.  They have a turnover in excess of £2bn and employ 6400 people.

Challenge To ensure that all construction workers adhere to health and safety regulations

Solution “Time is Money – The Flip Side”, an interactive DVD aimed at workers on sites right across the Group.

Health and Safety is top priority in construction and Tina worked with Top Banana to create a Health and Safety programme which was used across the group in all site inductions.  The programme was aimed at workers on large construction sites, smaller fit out sites and refurbishment sites.

Tina undertook research on each type of site to establish what messages would be understood and acted upon by the audience.   She found that different sites were perceived to have different levels of danger, a construction site was viewed by workers as dangerous but a fit out or refurbishment site was felt to be in some way safer.  This view is obviously perception and not reality.

The other key driver in whether workers adhered strictly to health and safety policy or not was their perception that following strict procedures could make the job take longer and therefore cost them money.

The programme was shot on location throughout the UK and was scripted to ensure that apprentices, skilled workmen and those whose first language was not English would understand the messages and benefit from them.

The DVD was split into 4 sections:  Falling from Height, Manual Handling, checking Equipment, Slips Trips and Falls and featured Paul Houghton, a disabled construction worker, as the presenter. Tina worked with Paul over Skype and in person to help him master the skills of a TV presenter.

Video direction for conference programmes

Tina has directed videos for Top Banana for a number of National events for Morgan Sindall. All the programmes were shot on locations Nationwide.

Challenge To portray the sense of unity that exists within the 5 Divisions of Morgan Sindall.

Solution “Expect More”, a conference closer video that was shown across 3 giant screens “joining” people together through after effects and projection with a clear message of how, through teamwork, they can Expect More.

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