Crest Nicholson

Challenge – To give 5 individuals a clear introduction to the scripting skills they needed to create entertaining health and safety programmes, in just a few hours.


Solution – A bespoke 1 day scriptwriting course in Bristol to help Crest Nicholson deliver engaging and entertaining health and safety programmes in house. The course was designed for delegates from a range of disciplines with different learning styles and experience.

Martyn Price Group Health and Safety Director Crest Nicholson plc comments:

I was extremely pleased with the structure of the course, the content and especially Tina’s delivery. It was an enjoyable and informative day, we will be looking at ways to improve what we do and how we do it as a result.

Tina used examples of her work to demonstrate different script writing styles including writing for a voice over, presenter, corporate drama and creating supporting literature.

Course delegate Josie FitzGibbon was impressed and commented:

I enjoyed the scriptwriting course a lot, it gave a good insight into what is needed when trying to engage your audience. I thought the techniques Tina showed us were valuable and from now on our HSE videos should be the most exciting around. Overall, it was great.

The course covered the importance of the opening few lines in creating the feel for the programme and how to engage audiences with a compelling training script. Tina also illustrated the difference between a training approach and writing for a promotional DVD and highlighted the key differences in style and content between the two genres.

Dr Tony Boyle had this to say:

I think Tina was an excellent tutor and dealt with everyone well.  I think she judged very well what we needed for the stage we are at.  Particularly for me since I have very little exposure to the sorts of material she deals with on a day to day basis.

The course showed how important the use of music is in creating an emotional link and engaging the audience in the finished product and covered the key differences in writing for a male and female voice over.

Throughout the day the delegates were very hands on and completed writing exercises to cement the learning points. The whole feel was extremely interactive and everyone was encouraged to share their ideas and thoughts.

Clara Trant, delegate comments:

The course was entertaining and easy to follow, it was flexible and it was adapted to suit our individual needs. The key points were highlighted throughout the day so they were easy to remember, and it was practical.

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