Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse are owned and operated by Telecom Plus plc.  They are a FTSE 250 company and one of the fastest growing MLM businesses in the country.  They are a discount Club and offer discounted rates on all the main utility services, gas, electricity, landline phones, broadband and mobile phones, plus a CashBack card, which gives further savings on on-line and high street shopping.

Tina worked with the main board to help them prepare for Express Day, their annual distributor event.  Over 7,000 people attended the event over 2 days at the International Centre in Telford and Tina helped with scripting and delivery of the main conference speeches.

Andrew Lindsay Chief Executive Officer comments:

Public speaking is one of those things that used to push me right out of my comfort zone.  In just a couple of sessions Tina helped me to actually enjoy myself on stage and, more importantly, how to really get my message across in a way that made the audience both listen and, take action!

Delivering messages at an MLM event is always exciting, there needs to be a good mix of content that will help the distributors build their businesses, and excitement that will motivate them over the next few months. It is often the first time that distributors have seen the main board in person, and so first impressions need to be good.

Andrew concludes:

Thank you Tina for making a huge contribution to my performance, and that of my colleagues.  We all felt that you added a vast amount to our performances on the day!

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