whatdoyoudoWHAT DO YOU DO? Are 4 small words that can make or break your business without you even realising it.

Surprisingly 75% of business people are completely thrown by this question, when we hear: What do you do? Most people hear SALES opportunity and dive straight into a sales pitch. Why do we do that?  What do you do?  is not a sales opportunity, it is not a pitch it’s a relationship building opportunity.

Your answer needs to be a brief persuasive speech which sparks interest in your product or service.  Your audience isn’t expecting you to go for the jugular and close a sale, they are just making conversation with you.  What happens if you do go for the sale? You turn your audience off, you make them feel under pressure. When they feel under pressure they don’t build a relationship with you and they don’t buy.  They will never forget how you made them feel.

People buy people and people buy people who make them feel good.

When I’m asked, what do you do? I am careful what I answer.

If I answered “I’m a speaker trainer”  You may well start to conjure up images of a large stage and powerpoint and you could think to yourself that my services were irrelevant to you.  However, if I said  ‘I show you how get more business by creating a great first impression’  you would probably be interested.

If you would like more information on my workshops on building rapport and adding value to the bottom line then please contact me at tina@tinablake.com and I will forward you details.

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