Nothing has a bigger impact on your presentation than your own anxiety about delivering it.

It’s very natural to worry about what people think of us, and to feel anxious about putting ourselves in a situation where we may look foolish.

Every speaker experiences stage fright to some degree and we all experience it differently ……… overcoming the jitters is not a one size fits all sort of subject.

There are all sorts of theories including: eating bananas,

meditating, reciting your favourite poem and, bizarrely, imagining the audience naked.

All of these things work to some extent – except, probably, imagining the audience naked.

Why doesn’t that work?

Well 2 reasons, firstly when you’re up on stage, or in front of a camera, you need to use your brain to remember what you are saying…….   not divert your attention into a major visualization exercise and secondly, imagine the side effects it could have if it really worked.

The idea of imagining a naked audience is based around you being able to make the audience look funny… so that you don’t feel so nervous, but my advice is save your brain power  to concentrate on what you’re saying and on maintaining eye contact with them so that they understand your message.

For some help with ideas that really do work, shouldn’t we be talking?


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