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Changing text

Please only do text changes. Anything else you will need to come to us for.
Please do not change green sections – these are called global sections and have been done specifically for the job at hand and will change across the site.

Once logged in you will be in the ‘backend’ or dashboard.
Go to pages
Go to the page you require to change text on.
Find the section you need – You should be able to see a correlation to the front view layout and the back view.
Go into the section.
Change text as required.
Save & exit

Update ( left-hand side on main page ) to save your changes.

View page and your changes ( in a new tab is recommended) so you keep the backend page open and can change again.
If you use the same tab, you can go back into the backend by clicking edit page.

I have added the section below for you to practice on – this is a top section from your pages. 
Have a play here before going onto live pages, so you are confident with the processes. It’s all about practice. 



Public Speaking Training

Present well & get promoted

You are 50 times more likely to get promoted if you know how to present well.

In small workshops or 1 on 1 sessions learn simple practical ways to improve your presentation skills and engage your audience whether they are a small internal team or 1,000s of conference delegates.

If you want a Public Speaking Trainer who is:

Experienced across all industry sectors

Approachable, articulate and empathetic

Focused on adding value to your business

Who has a portfolio of industry leading clients, can work 1on 1 at main board level and get the best out of colleagues on the shop floor, then you have come to the right place.

Shouldn’t we be talking?

Let’s Talk

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