Today, the battle is in full swing between Meerkat and Periscope for the top spot in the live streaming market……. it’s a communication method that is here to stay.

If you’re not a great fan of streaming, but still want to make a targeted and personal impact with your friends and clients why not use the video option which has been there for ages on Twitter.

Google tells me that Twitter claims more then 500 million users worldwide but very few of them use the video option to communicate.

I stumbled across it when Stefan Thomas, of No Red Braces fame, replied to a private tweet with a private video.  It was wonderful, I was just getting to know the guy and he tweeted me a video – it felt like the getting to know you process had been shortened by a few weeks.

A  couple of days later he posted on You Tube how and why he does it and I thought I would share it with you because I think it is a great idea for personal communication.

Check out what he says

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