Spatial augmented reality – merging real and virtual worlds

Also known as video mapping. We are now familiar with it transforming buildings and bringing conference stages to life.

If you want to see how video mapping can enhance personal onstage performance, take a look at this:

Performer Yusaku Mochizuki

Come on guys, someone book him for your conference!

I am exploring how it can turn an individual speaker into a virtual visual spectacle

The pop world is already doing it. Check out the Pet Shop Boys in bed

Video mapping is growing in popularity in the corporate world and I have seen some stunning conference openers using a virtual set that the speakers walk on to.

To give a quick insight into some of the skills behind mapping take a look at the making of  “Box” in 2013.  The creators of this piece mix design, story telling and technology.  Box shows a man engaging with a morphing Box  and is achieved using a couple of robots, Bot and Dolly.  This is video mapping at its most technically complex.

For a much more low tech look at how it works check this out

The making of Willow’s Sweater.  Singer Pieter-Jan Van Den Troost opens doors that are not really there, and trots on the spot down imaginary stairs.  This is sort of video mapping that  could be on stage.  So if you are a Speaker with a burning desire to interact with your product in front of a live audience.  Get in touch.



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